“The movie might have one major flaw: It does not know where and when to end. But then again, that didn’t stop other movies from being great. And this one is possibly one of the best German movies that came along the last few years. Very witty, very modern and very close to real life. Some things are a bit too much (story-wise, a self exploring trip that brings “together” two characters springs to mind), but overall, the movie is more than well written.

It might also be a big surprise to some, but the acting is actually more than good. If you’re used to let’s call them commercial comedies from Germany and the absence of the lead actors in those movies to act, than you will be smitten by the ones lining up here. It’s a real joy watching them all and participating in their lives is a real treat.”

(An imdb user comment, which is apparently the only bit in English anybody ever wrote about this film)

Cast: Alexander Khuon, Alice Dwyer, Amelie Kiefer, Anna Brüggemann, Aylin Tezel, Corinna Harfouch, Herbert Knaup, Jacob Matschenz, Katharina Spiering, Leslie Malton, Robert Gwisdek.
Produced by von Jochen Laube for Teamworx Ludwigsburg

Shot in four chapters January-October 2011. German theatrical release autumn 2012. Hardly any festivals, but decent afterlife on DVD.