Feb 2016: US Film journalist Matt Fagerholm got to see “Heil” and asked me for an interview. So I tried to make some sense.

Jan 2016: I was asked by dutch magazine Filmkrant to contribute some random ramblings to the subject of: Who owns Cinema?

Autumn 2015: A lot happened. Most of it is mentioned somewhere on this website. Right now, no news.

Jan 2014: My latest Film “Stations of the cross” will premiere in this year’s Berlinale competition. Everybody involved, including me, is remarkably happy. Screening dates to be found here.

Happy new year, everybody. I didn’t do updates here in quite a while, and much has happened that will thus never be in the archives. Anyway the next Musikvideoabend is casting its shadows. It will happen on Friday Jan 18 at the good ol’ Ballhaus Ost. Join us.

July-September 2012: I’m in Los Angeles as a fellow at the Villa Aurora. Main purpose is research and writing, but on the side, I’m taking panorama pictures and putting them on this website.

Monday July 2: “Move”, my new feature film, premieres at Filmfest Munich.

Friday June 8, 2012: The third Musikvideoabend at Ballhaus Ost. This time with Nils Frevert, Moritz Krämer and my own band.

Friday May 25, 2012: Another Silent Film Massacre at Deutsches Theater. We screen and dismantle Dsiga Vertovs über-classic “The Man With The Camera”.