Musical side activities:

Musical score for “TATORT: Murot und das Murmeltier”
Performed by HR Symphony Orchestra

In 2017, Ms Desiree Klaeukens and I started a German indie band called THEODOR SHITSTORM.

As a part-time piano player, I sometimes accompany silent films with this group of musicians and video artists, but we mostly don’t just accompany the films, but interfere with them in a couple of ways. Here’s a video of a Youtube show we did at the Silent Film Festival in Tromsø in September 2015, and here’s another one.

I used to play in a band but we never really rehearsed, so it fell apart. Anyway we managed to shoot this video.

Festival Trailer Filmfest Munich 2015 (I wrote and produced the music).

My first four films didn’t really have a musical score, but relied on songs (or no music). “Heil” had quite some score, which I composed myself. It might end up online at some point.