„A different sort of coming-of-ager, contempo drama Run, if You Can centers on three smart twentysomethings poised to move on to another phase of life. First theatrical feature from young Teuton helmer Dietrich Brueggemann (sharing writing honors on a pleasingly full-circle script with his thesp sister Anna) offers witty dialogue and appealing performances in a romantic triangle with a twist, while the underlying theme of overcoming one’s physical and mental limitations lends the small but affecting pic an additional marketing hook.“ (Alissa Simon, Variety)

Cast: Robert Gwisdek, Jacob Matschenz, Anna Brüggemann.
Produced by Sabine Holtgreve for Wüste Film Ost, 2010.

Opening film, Perspektive on German Cinema, Berlinale 2010
DEFA Award & Cinestar Award, Schwerin, 2010
NDR Award, Filmfest Emden-Norderney, 2010
Audience Award and award for artistic achievement to Robert Gwisdek, Festival des Deutschen Films, Ludwigshafen, 2010
Audience Award, Berlin & Beyond Festival, San Francisco, 2010
Audience Award, Univerciné Allemand in Nantes, 2010
Prize of the World Catholic Association for Communication, XII Muestra INternacional de Cine de Santo Domingo
Audience Award, Festival Nuovo Cinema Europa, Genua, 2011